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Brand Wohlenberg
Model 92 MCS-3 TV
Built 1990
Type Guillotines Wohlenberg
Categories Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4486
Machine number 3417-029
Description Size 92 cm, MCS-3 TV, Programable, no sidetables
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Brand Iberica
Model JR 105 Varioplan
Built 2000
Type Diecutters
Categories Packaging and Converting
Reference number 4485
Machine number 2000206
Description Size 75 x 105 cm, Automatic Diecutting machine with stripping unit, 9000 sheets per hour, 300 tons pressure, thickness range from 90 grs till 3 mm
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Brand Polar
Model 78 ES
Built 2002
Type Guillotines Polar
Categories Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4484
Machine number 7261705
Description Size 78 cm, Infrared safety eyes, Chromed airbed, Programable
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Brand Polar
Model 155 EM Monitor
Built 1992
Type Guillotines Polar
Categories Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4483
Machine number 6221088
Description Size 155 cm, Monitor, Airbed, Programmable, Infrared safety eyes,
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Brand SLP
Model Heavy duty pallet storage system
Built 2010
Type Miscellaneous
Categories Miscellaneous
Reference number 4482
Description Heavy duty pallet storage system. in excellent condition. Vertical element height approx. 5 meter. Horizontal elements 2,7 meter, depth 80 cm. inlay board for small pallets, approx. 900 pallet positions. max load per vertical element 4000 kg. excluding content as shown in pictures.
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Brand Kolbus
Model HD
Built 1989
Type Guillotines Other
Categories Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4458
Machine number 156
Description 3 knife trimmer with delivery belt
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Brand Wohlenberg
Model 185
Built 2003
Type Guillotines Wohlenberg
Categories Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4457
Machine number 3850-001
Description Size 185 cm, Complete line with Jogger, Lift, Automatic paper infeed, Offloader
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Brand Horauf
Model BDM Universal
Built 2005
Type Hard Cover and Sewing machines
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4455
Machine number 040204
Description Caemaker, Board pre-pile belt and flexible spine attachment, Non stop feeder for cover material, Glue tank with re-circulation and viscosity control unit, Pressing station with 2 pressing rollers and delivery, Counter stacker with return belt to operator, Automatic computer-controlled size change This machine can be used for the production of book cases with rigid or flexible spine, one-piece boards for ring binders, letter files, game boards, etc, inside lining with cold glue (2nd pass)
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Brand Muller Martini
Model Bravo S
Built 2000
Type Saddle stitchers
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4454
Machine number MMZO352984
Description 8 x Feeder type 370, 1 x Coverfeeder 1529, Trimmer, 3900 hours only
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Brand Heidelberg
Model GTO-52
Built 1981
Type Heidelberg (1 Colour)
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4452
Machine number 674740
Description Size 36 x 52 cm, Coventional dampening, Plus version
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