Brand Horizon
Model BQ 440
Built 1999
Type Perfect binders
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4700
Machine number 83017
Description Four clamp perfect binder, spine gluing, hotmelt, milling section with extraction, milling depth: adjustable, min. book size 75x75mm, max. book size 320x320mm, binding thickness 1-40mm, Air cover feeder
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Brand Guk
Model K 49/4
Built 1991
Type Foldingmachines Others
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4699
Machine number 30494
Description Size 49 cm, Combi folding machine, 4 buckles, Noise hoods, Knife, compressor and books
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Brand MBO
Model T-45-2X
Type Foldingmachines MBO
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4698
Machine number MA 117472
Description Size 45 cm, 2 buckles, 1 knife, Optimac control, Noise hood, Belt delivery
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Brand Polar
Model 78 ES
Built 1998
Type Guillotines Polar
Categories Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4697
Machine number 6861747
Description Size 78 cm, Program, Airtable., Infrared safety eyes
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Brand Wohlenberg
Model City E 6000
Built 2011
Type Perfect binders
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4696
Machine number 174
Description Handfeeding station, 24 stations gathering machine, model Sprinter E, Pump, Reject unit, Criss cross delivery, Vibrating element, Transfer into the binder by 90 degree turn to the left, 15 clamps (19”), Milling and roughening station, Hotmelt spine glueing with integrated premelter, Hotmelt side glueing with integrated premelter, Pile cover feeder, Pump , First pressing station, Laydown, +/- 20 meters conveyor system , T-junction (escape delivery) to three knife trimmer or roller belt, W-TrimTec 60i with belt delivery, mach nr 134, year 2011
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Brand Muller Martini
Model Acoro A7
Built 2012
Type Perfect binders
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4695
Machine number 1914096
Description Automatic size setting, Book Data Center (BDC 3013), mach nr 102923639, Handfeeding station, 21 stations gathering machine, model 3694 (24”) with ASIR III, 2 pumps, Colour monitor, Reject unit model 3715, Set up model 3639, Vibrating element model 3643, Transfer to the binder, 22 clamps (21”), Main Milling station, 2 separate spine preparation units Excluding dust exhauster, machine was connected to a centralised exhaust system, Hotmelt spine glueing with premelter ICS-A C80, Hotmelt side glueing with premelter CLS C18,, Pile cover feeder, Pump, First pressing station, Second pressing station, Laydown, +/- 32 meters conveyor system with escape delivery
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Brand Man-Roland
Model 708 3B SW HiPrint
Built 2007
Type Man Roland (8 Colours)
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4690
Machine number 32636B
Impressions 195
Description RCI, Roland Deltamatic dampening, Multi CCI, APL, All washing devices, Weko powderspray, Technotrans refrigeration, 8/0 - 4/4 perfecting
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Brand Heidelberg Postpress
Model SB-46/Mp.D
Built 2001
Type Foldingmachine components
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4685
Machine number 705226
Description Stacker press delivery, max with 46 cm . double press roller.
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Brand Stahl
Model KC94/4KTL-2
Built 1992
Type Foldingmachines Stahl
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4681
Machine number 40475
Description Folding machine 32pp Folder comprising of: Flat Pile Pallet Feeder, 4 Parallel Plates in the First Unit with Slit/Score Shafts, 1st Electronic Knife at Right Angles to Plate Fold With A Further Buckle Plate, 2nd Electronic Knife at Right Angles and to the Left of First Knife, Batch Counter, Additional Mobile VFZ Knife Unit for 32 Pages, Mobile Shingle Delivery Unit.
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Brand Heidelberg
Model XL 75-8 P-C
Built 2011
Type Heidelberg (8 Colours)
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4677
Machine number LS000584
Impressions 147
Description Size: 53 x 75 cm, Wallscreen, Prinect Print Center, Autoplate XL, Prinect Inpress Control, Preset Plus feeder, Preset Plus Delivery, Alcolor damping, Technotrans refrigeration, Ink Temperature Control, Auto Ink roller wash, Auto Blanket Wash, Auto Impression Cylinder Wash, Diagonal Register, Powder Spray, Perfector 4/4, 15.000 s/h
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