Aster 160 OS More information

Brand Aster
Model 160 OS
Built 2008
Type Hard Cover and Sewing machines
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4905
Machine number 31213
Description Automatic Thread Sewing Machine, Maximum Speed 160 Per/Min, Minimum Size 75mm x 150mm, Maximum Size 320mm x 420mm, 4 Upper openings, 4 Lower openings, Control Panel. 4 plus 4 upper and lower openings, Suction and gripper action,‘SignaLynx’ signature error detection with single book self-learning mode, Computer programme - Siemens PLC with icon display and job memory capability, moveable touch-screen colour monitor, auto set-up with servo motors, programming of lap opening & suckers, D/C drive unit Capable of mixed suction & lap signature feeding, - adjustable Thread cutting device Delivery conveyor.