Muller Martini Diamant 60 More information

Brand Muller Martini
Model Diamant 60
Built 2007
Type Hard Cover and Sewing machines
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4935
Machine number 1339069
Description hardcover casing-inline, Core book line A600 RHE/ Diamant, Joint Forming & Pressing Machine A680 EP 680, Rounding / Backing, 1st Gluing Station, Lining, 2nd Gluing Station, paper lining with head and tail banding, Casing In, Infeed Conveyor Preheating Device, Angle Roller Table, Automatic Agitator for Premelting Tanks, Automatic Glue Viscosity Control with Agitator, Double Cover Control, Glue Overflow Control, BLSD 650 Stacker. maximum mechanical speed 3600 cycles per hour,