Komori Lithrone S29 – LS 529 H More information

Brand Komori
Model Lithrone S29 – LS 529 H
Built 2005
Type 5 Colour offset press
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4959
Machine number 102
Impressions 58
Description Equipped with; PQC, Print Quality Control;, PDC-SII. Print Density Control-Spectrophotometer;. KHS AI; AMR;, Komorimatic dampening units with Technotrans Alpha.C refrigeration and re-circulation unit; APC, Autom. Plate Changer;, Skelleton cylinders;, Autom. Wash-up devices for inking rollers; Autom. Wash-up devices for blanket and impression cylinders;, Technotrans Inking unit temperature control; Steelplate feeder and delivery;, Highpile delivery; Paper size preset;, Tapesuction feederbelt max. 16.000 sheets per hour;