Brand Muller Martini
Model Diamant 60
Built 2007
Machine number 1339069
Brand Muller Martini
Model Acoro A7
Built 2005
Machine number MMFE 1044342
Brand Muller Martini
Model Ventura
Built 2006
Machine number 1027898
Brand Horauf
Model BDM Speed
Built 2007
Machine number 0514710010
Brand Heidelberg
Model SM 102-2 P
Built 2004
Machine number 546158
Brand Heidelberg
Model KH 78
Built 2006
Machine number 1224413438
Brand Muller Martini
Model Presto
Built 2000
Type Saddle stitchers
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4654
Machine number NN6881/Z0400813
Description Gang stitcher Cover feeder 1528, 2 twin feeders 1551, 3knife trimmer 1522, Pratico stacker, pumps. production hours 5039

Brand Imaje S.A.
Model Jaime 1000 S8
Built 2004
Type Mail handling
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4642
Machine number A20414
Description Double head inktyet printer, complete with PC unit, conveyor unit. Printing speeds up to 1065 fpm, Data matrix code, Text in several languages, Date, Time, Fully pressurized cabinet, Capable of printing 2 lines, Up to 1024 characters per message and up to 708 feet per minute, Programmable controls, Umbilical cord.

Brand Heidelberg
Model GTO 52-1
Built 1992
Type 1 Colour offset press
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4640
Machine number 705544
Impressions 34
Description Size 36 x 52 cm, Kompaq III dampening, Plus version

Brand Heidelberg
Model T
Type Platens
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4624
Machine number 182579N
Description A4 platen, Red Ball

Brand Wahli
Model Stream Feeder TM 531
Built 1996
Type Offset press components
Categories Miscellaneous
Reference number 4618
Machine number 96-1160
Description Enveloppe feeder for SM 52

Brand Heidelberg
Model SM 52-5 P2
Built 1997
Type 5 Colour offset press
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4585
Machine number 200849
Description Size 36 x 52 cm, CPtronic, CPC classic center, Alcolor dampening, MGE Eco cooling and recirculation device, Autoplate, Blanket wash, Impression cylinder wash, Roller wash, Sheet decurler, Mediprint powderspray, Eltex anti static device.

Brand Gockel
Built 1980
Type Guillotines Components
Categories Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4549
Machine number 2767
Description knife scharpening machine, maximum knife length ca 220 cm,

Brand Theisen Bonitz
Model Sprint 303
Built 1991
Type Collating machines
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4544
Description Stitching, Trimming and folding unit for a collating machine.With Hohner stitching heads.

Brand Shinohara
Model 52-4 P
Built 1999
Type 4 Colour offset press
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4535
Machine number 740080021
Impressions 36
Description Size 36 x 52 cm, Shinohara alcohol damping , Royse recirculation, SPC semi automatic plate changer, Low pile delivery, Powder spray, Auto ink roller and blanket wash, Off press control centre with overhead lamp, Toho powder spray

Brand Heidelberg
Model T
Built 1969
Type Letterpress
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4506
Machine number 170038
Description Heidelberg platin, 260x380

Brand Technograf
Model ANT 250 Pur
Built 2010
Type Perfect binders
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4502
Machine number 0202010
Description Compact and semi-automatic one-clamp perfect binding machine for short and medium runs, The new ANT 250 is completely controlled by PLC and is equipped with an innovative PUR / Hot-Melt gluing system, The new technology and the special design ensure the maximum safety for the operator and the highest binding quality. Book size min: 100 x 100 mm (w x h), max: 350 x 420 mm (w x h), Thickness min: 1 mm, max: 50 mm (milled blocks), max: 80 mm (sewn blocks), Cycle speed approx. 250 Cycles/hour, Electrical requirements approx. 3 kW, Floor space 2.500 mm x 1.105 mm (l x w).

Brand Heidelberg
Model KSB
Built 1969
Type Letterpress 40 x 57
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4490
Machine number 308471
Description Size 40 x 57 cm, with inking unit

Brand Hohner
Model HSB 7000
Built 2005
Type Saddle stitchers
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4332
Machine number 7/11
Impressions 18700
Description 6 feeders type VF1, 1 cover feeder Type CF1, 1 stitcher and take over type SU, 1 hand station type MS1, 2 Pumps, Trimmer T3, Singlebelt delivery SD1, Rima compensating stacker RS11, 2 Hohner Universal 52-8 stitching heads

Brand La Pietra
Model Ergon
Built 2008
Type Sheeter
Categories Packaging and Converting
Reference number 4319
Machine number DR08
Description Sheeter, cut off: 250-1000 mm, max. reel width: 1200 mm, max. pile height: 1300 mm Maximum speed: 200m/min

Brand Egraf
Model SY 90
Type Prepress
Categories Bindery and Finishing, Pre-press and Other
Reference number 4174
Machine number 2453/00
Description Plate developper