Brand Muller Martini
Model Ventura
Built 2006
Machine number 1027898
Brand Heidelberg
Model SM 102-2 P
Built 2004
Machine number 546158
Brand Heidelberg
Model KH 78
Built 2006
Machine number 1224413438
Brand Heidelberg
Model XL 75-6 LX-C with UV
Built 2011
Machine number LS000631
Brand Heidelberg
Model SX 52-4 LX
Built 2012
Machine number GS001161
Brand Heidelberg
Model PM 74-4
Built 2004
Machine number PM740781
Brand Heidelberg
Model Suprasetter A52
Built 2012
Type Computer to Plate
Categorias Pre-press and Other
Reference number 4963
Machine number PJ002157
Description CTP A52 Suprasetter,1st machine: CTP - Platesetters, Manufacturer: - Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG Model: - Suprasetter A52 / A75 Gen III, Type:- External drum computer-to-plate platesetter Printing plates: -Thermale Platten 830 nm Resolution: - Depending on the laser module type (2,540 dpi or 2,400 dpi) Plate sizes: - (height x width) from 240 x 240 mm to 676 x 760 mm, Plate thickness: - From 0.15 to 0.30 mm Repeatability: - +/- 5 microns (at two exposures, in sequence, same plate), Register accuracy: - +/- 25 microns (at four successive exposures), Surroundings: - 17 ° C to 30 ° C; 30% to 70% relative humidity, Conformity: - GS/ ETL / cETL/ GOST / CE / FCC / CDRH / ACN, Class: - Laser device class 1

Brand Heidelberg
Model SX 52-4+L anicolor
Built 2012
Type 4 Colour offset press
Categorias Sheet Fed
Reference number 4962
Machine number GS001066
Impressions 77
Description 0.6 mm paper stock. autoplate,CP-2000, Anicolor, Roller and blanket wash, coating unit, Grafix powder spray, IR dryer,

Brand Wohlenberg
Model 115
Built 1996
Type Guillotines Wohlenberg
Categorias Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4961
Machine number 3593-001
Description Standard computerized paper guillotine, chromed standard side tables, two sets of knifes, books, tools and standard parts.

Brand Komori
Model Lithrone 20 – L220 type B
Built 2002
Reference number 4960
Machine number 2009

Brand Komori
Model Lithrone S29 – LS 529 H
Built 2005
Type 5 Colour offset press
Categorias Sheet Fed
Reference number 4959
Machine number 102
Impressions 58
Description Equipped with; PQC, Print Quality Control;, PDC-SII. Print Density Control-Spectrophotometer;. KHS AI; AMR;, Komorimatic dampening units with Technotrans Alpha.C refrigeration and re-circulation unit; APC, Autom. Plate Changer;, Skelleton cylinders;, Autom. Wash-up devices for inking rollers; Autom. Wash-up devices for blanket and impression cylinders;, Technotrans Inking unit temperature control; Steelplate feeder and delivery;, Highpile delivery; Paper size preset;, Tapesuction feederbelt max. 16.000 sheets per hour;

Brand Agfa
Model type Acento II S
Built 2006
Type Miscellaneous
Categorias Pre-press and Other
Reference number 4958
Machine number SAL43200II
Description Max Plate Size: 830 mm x 660 mm (32.7" x 26"), Min plate Size: 324 mm x 370 mm (12.8" x 14.5") ,Media Thickness: 0.15- 030mm, Productivity: 20 plates per hour2400 DPI (830 mm x 660 mm), Resolutions: 1200/ 2000 / 2400/ 4000 DPI

Brand Horizon
Model BQ 140
Built 1997
Type Perfect binders
Categorias Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4957
Machine number 082028
Description single clamp, hotmelt perfectbinder, double-pass notching, standby mode, dynamic nipper clamp.

Brand KBA
Model Rapida 75-4 L
Built 2008
Type 4 Colour offset press
Categorias Sheet Fed
Reference number 4955
Machine number 740311
Impressions 54
Description Size 52 x 75 cm, Colortronic, Litec Densitometer, CIP 3, Alcohol damapning, Technotrans Alpha C cooling device, Inking unit temperature control, Harris & Bruno coating unit, Semi Automatic Plate Change, All washers, Extended delivery, Grafix IR dryer, Grafix powderspray,

Brand Schneider
Model Senator 92
Built 2003
Type Guillotines
Categorias Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4954
Machine number M-31-001-08/10-03
Description Size 92 cm, Program, Infrared safety bar

Brand Muller Martini
Model 1509
Built 1990
Type Saddle stitchers
Categorias Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4953
Machine number 99.23384
Description Saddle Stitcher, 2 double feeders, Stitcher, Trimmer

Brand Duplo
Model 2000
Built 2012
Type Collating machines
Categorias Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4952
Machine number 071200093
Description Size A3, 10 station collating unit, Stitcher, Folder, Trimmer

Brand Heidelberg
Model SM 52-2
Built 1998
Type 2 Colour offset press
Categorias Sheet Fed
Reference number 4951
Machine number 201689
Impressions 64
Description Size 36 x 52 cm, Cptronic, Alcolor dampening, Autoplate, All washers, Plus version, Numbering unit,

Brand Polar
Model 92 EM - Monitor
Built 1991
Type Guillotines, Guillotines Polar
Categorias Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4948
Machine number 6111105
Description Size 92 cm, Program, Monitor, Airbed

Brand Wohlenberg
Model 137 MCS-2 TV
Built 1994
Type Guillotines Wohlenberg, Guillotines
Categorias Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4946
Machine number 3561-001
Description Size 137 cm, Monitor, Program, Side tables, Chromed air bed

Brand Heidelberg
Model KD 78 KLL
Built 2003
Type Foldingmachines Stahl
Categorias Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4945
Machine number 707507
Description Palletfeeder, 4 buckles, first cross-knife, second-cross knife for 16 page left and right. third integrated cross-knife for 32 page. PD-78 press delivery. Pump, Books Tools and standard parts.