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Sheet Fed - 10 Colors1
Sheet Fed - 8 Colors3
Sheet Fed - 5 Colors7
Sheet Fed - 4 Colors12
Sheet Fed - 2 Colors19
Sheet Fed - 1 Colors4
Sheet Fed - Miscellaneous38
Bindery and Finishing66
Bindery and Finishing - Miscellaneous66
Guillotines/Cutters - Miscellaneous25
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Heidelberg SM 74-8 P 5027 Sheet Fed 8 Colour offset press 627161
Brand Heidelberg
Model SM 74-8 P
Built 2004
Machine number 627161
Heidelberg XL 75-4 L-C 5026  4 Colour offset press LS001302
Brand Heidelberg
Model XL 75-4 L-C
Built 2016
Machine number LS001302
MBO Navigator T1420 5086  Foldingmachines MBO 0824687
Brand MBO
Model Navigator T1420
Built 2006
Machine number 0824687
KBA RA 130A-8 SW4 5025  8 Colour offset press 368005
Brand KBA
Model RA 130A-8 SW4
Built 2006
Machine number 368005
Man-Roland 704-3B+LV 5169 Sheet Fed 4 Colour offset press 33736B
Brand Man-Roland
Model 704-3B+LV
Built 2011
Machine number 33736B
Heidelberg PM 74-2 P 5166  2 Colour offset press 741508
Brand Heidelberg
Model PM 74-2 P
Built 2007
Machine number 741508
Brand Halm
Model HalmJet JP TWOD 6-D
Built 1996
Type 2 Colour offset press
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4811
Machine number 2814-R
Description 2 color enveloppe making and printing press, Max. size 230x325 mm, Min. size 82x108 mm Speed up to 30.000 enveloppes per hour

Brand Polar
Model 92 EM - Monitor
Built 1988
Type Guillotines Polar
Categories Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4804
Machine number 5811970
Description Size 92 cm, Monitor, 2 spare knifes, Air table

Brand Heidelberg
Model QM 46-2
Built 2005
Type 2 Colour offset press
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4799
Machine number 965189
Impressions 12
Description size 32 x 46 cm, 2 color offset press, Autoplate, Film dampening, Powderspray, very clean and well maintained

Brand Heidelberg
Model SM 74-5 P3 H
Built 1997
Type 5 Colour offset press
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4797
Machine number 622678
Impressions 135
Description Size 53 x 74 cm, CPC 1-04, Cptronic, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans cooling and recirculation device, Autoplate, Double sheet control, Sidelay control, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Grafix Alphatronic 200 powderspray, Eltex antistatic device.

Brand Hohner
Model Favorit
Reference number 4785
Machine number 579
Description Single head wire-stitcher.

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Brand Hang
Model 106 DTK4
Type Miscellaneous
Categories Miscellaneous
Reference number 4773
Machine number 90357
Description 4 head paperdrill

Brand Mitsubishi
Model Diamond 3000 LC-4 T/C
Built 2003
Type 4 Colour offset press
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4729
Machine number 3415
Impressions 236
Description Size 72 x 102 cm, Intelligent Press Control (IPC), Semi automatic plate change, Mitsubishi Multi Mode Dampening system with Delta, Automatic Preset Inking, Inking unit temperature control with Baldwin cooling, Paper preset, Nons top feeder and delivery, Double sized impression cilinders, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Harris and Bruno Anilox coater, Grafix Ir dyer with Hot air knifes, Cardboard device for printing up to 1 mm, Skeleton delivery drums, Grafix Megatronic S powderspray.

Brand Heidelberg
Model T
Built 1964
Type Platens
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4707
Machine number T153945 H
Description 26X36 T

Brand MBO
Model T-45-2X
Type Foldingmachines MBO
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4698
Machine number MA 117472
Description Size 45 cm, 2 buckles, 1 knife, Optimac control, Noise hood, Belt delivery

Brand Stahl
Model F 50/4
Type Foldingmachines Stahl
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4665
Machine number 39223
Description 4 buckles, crossfold knife, belt delivery

Brand Horizon
Model MC 8a
Built 1999
Type Saddle stitchers
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4662
Machine number 49012
Description 8 unit vertical collating machine MC8a, stitching unit SPF10 and cutting unit FC10

Brand Heidelberg
Model T
Built 1969
Type Platens
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4660
Machine number 171905H
Description A4 Platen, Red Ball

Brand Wahli
Model Stream Feeder TM 531
Built 1996
Type Offset press components
Categories Miscellaneous
Reference number 4618
Machine number 96-1160
Description Enveloppe feeder for SM 52

Brand Theisen Bonitz
Model Sprint 303
Built 1991
Type Collating machines
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4544
Description Stitching, Trimming and folding unit for a collating machine.With Hohner stitching heads.

Brand Wohlenberg
Model 137 MCS TV
Built 1983
Type Guillotines Wohlenberg
Categories Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4508
Machine number 3096-020
Description Size 137 cm, Airbed, Program