Brand Heidelberg
Model SX 74-4 H
Built 2012
Machine number DS000873
Brand Mitsubishi
Model Diamond 3000 LC-4 T/C
Built 2003
Machine number 3415
Brand Heidelberg
Model PM 52-4 P
Built 2004
Machine number RS000101
Brand Wohlenberg
Model 137 MCS-2 TV
Built 1994
Type Guillotines, Guillotines Wohlenberg
Categories Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4946
Machine number 3561-001
Description Size 137 cm, Monitor, Program, Side tables, Chromed air bed

Brand Wohlenberg
Model City E 6000
Built 2011
Type Perfect binders
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 4696
Machine number 174
Description Handfeeding station, 24 stations gathering machine with Venturi system for vacuum air, 1 x pump for blowing air, model Sprinter E, Reject unit, Criss cross delivery, Vibrating element, Transfer into the binder by 90 degree turn to the left, 15 clamps (19”), Milling and roughening station, Hotmelt spine glueing with integrated premelter, Hotmelt side glueing with integrated premelter, Pile cover feeder, single pressing station, Max book size 300x440 mm Speed: 6000 cy/h, Laydown, +/- 20 meters conveyor system , T-junction (escape delivery) to three knife trimmer or roller belt, W-TrimTec 60i with belt delivery, excluding vacuumpumps, machine was connected to central air supply, mach nr 134, year 2011, Machine is cleaned on stock

Brand Wohlenberg
Model 185
Built 2003
Type Guillotines Wohlenberg
Categories Guillotines/Cutters
Reference number 4457
Machine number 3850-001
Description Size 185 cm, Complete line with Jogger, Lift, Automatic paper infeed, Offloader Fully cleaned checked and painted.