Brand Heidelberg
Model SX 74-4 H
Built 2012
Machine number DS000873
Brand Mitsubishi
Model Diamond 3000 LC-4 T/C
Built 2003
Machine number 3415
Brand Heidelberg
Model PM 52-4 P
Built 2004
Machine number RS000101
Brand KBA
Model RAPIDA 106-4 FAPC
Built 2008
Reference number 5028
Machine number 365743
Impressions 220
Description Size 74 x 106 cm, Fully Automatic Plate Change, Feeder and delivery equipped for 40 grams paper, Colortronic, Ergotronic, Anti static Kersten, All washers, Ink temp control Technotrans, Technotrans Beta F, Weko AP 262 powderspray, Powder exhaust,Plate size 795 x 1050 mm, Partly rebuild in 2018 after reinstalling the machine

Brand KBA
Model Genius 52-5 L UV
Built 2006
Type 5 Colour offset press
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 5004
Description Size 36 x 52 cm, 5 color printing with UV coating unit, Mabeg feeder

Brand KBA
Model Rapida 75-4 L
Built 2008
Type 4 Colour offset press
Categories Sheet Fed
Reference number 4955
Machine number 740311
Impressions 54
Description Size 52 x 75 cm, Colortronic, Litec Densitometer, CIP 3, Alcohol damapning, Technotrans Alpha C cooling device, Inking unit temperature control, Harris & Bruno coating unit, Semi Automatic Plate Change, All washers, Extended delivery, Grafix IR dryer, Grafix powderspray,