Starfoil SF 1050 More information

Brand Starfoil
Model SF 1050
Built 2001
Type Foil Platens
Categories Packaging and Converting
Reference number 5487
Machine number 1360006
Impressions 11 mio
Location Location Starfoil SF 1050  Zaandam, NL
Description Diecutter with foil application Size: 1050X750 mm, Min. sheet size: 450X370 mm, Stock range: 150~500 g/m², Max. diecutting size: 1040X730 mm, Chase inner size: 1120X760 mm, Cutting knife height: 23.8 mm, Standard distance between platens: 32 mm, Min. gripper margin: 8 mm, Feed pile height: 1100 mm, Delivery pile height: 850 mm, Max. stamping size: 1020X700 mm, Impression strength: 2.5X106 N, Max. diecutting speed: 5500 s.p.h., Max. stamping speed: 4000 s.p.h., Foil pull, rewind: Longitudinal 3 Sector of heating: 6, Max. foil advance: 700 mm, Max. foil diameter: 180 mm, Foil core diameter: 25(1''),76(3'') mm, Min. Foil width: 45 mm, Heating capacity: 21 kW, Total capacity: 51 kW, Total weight: 18 T, Dimensions: 6000X4125X2140 mm

Starfoil SF 1050
Starfoil SF 1050
Starfoil SF 1050
Starfoil SF 1050
Starfoil SF 1050
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