SRPack ML 1500 More information

Brand SRPack
Model ML 1500
Built 2003
Type Diecutters
Categories Packaging and Converting
Reference number 5290
Machine number 808088

Diecutting and Creasing Machine SRPack 1500 ML from 2003 Shanghai made, for sale at Prestotype. 

This die cutter is used for cutting cardboard and paper in the Packaging and Converting industry. The handfed die cutter is from 2003 and currently in the Netherlands at Prestotype, Zaandam. Just 20 minutes from Schiphol Airport. 

Prestotype can ship and transport and install this machine at your printing company all over the world. 
We ensure the SRPack ML 1500 is being transported and installed. Our professional crew at Prestotype can give a second life to the SRPack die cutter creasing graphic machine. 

The SRPack ML 1500 is a high precision die cutter and creasing machine with CE from China for sale at Prestotype.

Contact us at use reference number 5290 or machine number 808088 to indicate you request a quote or more photos or video of the SRPack ML 1500 die-cutting and creasing machine.

SRPack ML 1500
SRPack ML 1500
SRPack ML 1500
SRPack ML 1500