Purlux PYQ1040C More information

Brand Purlux
Model PYQ1040C
Built 1997
Type Diecutters
Categories Packaging and Converting
Reference number 5289
Machine number 704
Location Location Purlux PYQ1040C  Zaandam, NL
Description For Sale at Prestotype, the Purlux PYQ1040C Creasing & Cutting machine for the Graphical art Industry. 
This Shanghai produced graphic machine is from 1997. The handed Platen cuts up to size 74 x 104. 

Please contact sales@prestotype.com for more information, price, photos or video of the Purlux PYQ1040C die cutter. Refer to reference number 5289 or machine 704. 

Purlux PYQ1040C
Purlux PYQ1040C
Purlux PYQ1040C
Purlux PYQ1040C
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