Polar LW 1000 Meer informatie

Merk Polar
Model LW 1000
Soort Guillotines Components
Categorie├źn Bindery and Finishing
Ref nummer 5271
Machine nummer 1

For sale at Prestotype - the Polar LW 1000 Pallet lift 

Polar Pallet Lift
The Pallet lift at Prestotype is made by the Paper Cutting System Polar Mohr, German quality, German production. 
The stack lift helps your Printing Company personnel unload and load your cut paper from the Polar cutter. 

Printing Company Benefits
Usage for your personnel; your personnel can easily ergonomically load and unload paper to the Polar Diecutter.
Benefits for Printing Company owners; your personnel can do the job by 10% faster and much more safe as the height of the pallet lift stays constant by using the Polar LW 1000 pallet lift with steel plate. 

Pallet lift size
This 70x100 pallet lift of Polar can stack up to 70 by 100 cm paper. Has a great carrying capacity and a wide size of platform. 

Polar Components
Polar produces high-quality die-cutters, these pallet lifts are still being produced by Polar in Germany. So you will be able to buy spare parts, guillotines components for Polar pallet lifts. 

Polar LW 1000