Petratto Bat Pile More information

Brand Petratto
Model Bat Pile
Built 2011
Type Miscellaneous
Categories Bindery and Finishing
Reference number 5334
Machine number 021-111
Location Location Petratto Bat Pile  Zaandam, NL
Description Flat stacker with pressure vacuum pump and, Side blown air, Double sheet control, Ril aggregate with beams and counter beam for, Positive crevices, Quer perforation device , Electronic touch screen programming device for, The positioning of up to 36 transverse creases per sheet table display, Material thickness max. 500 g / m2, Arch width max. 520 mm, min. 150 mm, Arch length max. 1200 mm, min. 200 mm, Crease spacing adjustable in 0.1 mm increments, Effective power approx. 0.2 sec / creasing

Petratto Bat Pile
Petratto Bat Pile
Petratto Bat Pile
Petratto Bat Pile
Certified Merchant